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SuomeksiPUBLICATIONS (Selected)

2016   Laadun taika, Doctoral dissertation, Aalto University & Maisemakuva

2012   Maiseman aika - Sense of time, Tampere Art Museum & Maisemakuva

2010   ArtParis + Guests, Part 1, Galleries, p. 72.

2010   Tunturien helmet - Jewels of the Fells

2009   Tracking traces, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, p.126.

2008   Christies, London, Photographs, 19st November 2008, pp. 90–91.

2003   Matka Suomeen, Otava Publishing Company Ltd.

2000   Lapin maa, Otava Publishing Company Ltd.

1998   Kultajoki, Otava Publishing Company Ltd.


Samples from reviews & articles:


”The influence of the great masters can be seen on the one hand in the broad landscapes, which have something of the monumental quality of Ansel Adams about them, almost architectural elements shaped by powerful alternations between light and shade. In other pictures one can detect the fine details of Pentti Sammallahti’s black-and-white landscapes.” Kristiina Markkanen, Helsingin Sanomat 12.12.1998

Lapin maa - Images of Lapland

”I don’t remember just like that having ever seen printing of this quality in Finland before. The range of tones, sharpness, wealth of colour and depths of contrast are quite astounding at first glance”. Photographer Jukka Suvilehto, Provincial Museum of Lapland, in the magazine Raito 1/2001

Matka Suomeen - Journey into Finland

”Luukkola is beginning to set standards in photography that it will be hard for others to follow. Matka Suomeen is in all respects a masterpiece of both camera techniques and the secrets of the printing trade. The photographer also proves himself to be a competent writer of prose, and these capabilities combined have created the basis for a book that will be a long-term favourite with all those who enjoy gazing at Finnish landscapes. I look forward to his next work with interest.” Markku Saiha, in the magazine Luontokuva 4/2003.

Tunturien helmet – Jewels of the Fells

"Pekka Luukkola's work Jewels of the Fells is one of the best photo books and nature books I have ever gotten my hands on. And it's an art book too. Let's first take an extract from the copyright page: "Photos, text, graphic design and typography: Pekka Luukkola". So: everything in this book is the work of one author from beginning to end. And there is great work. I haven't often come across something like this, that everything is in order: there are no typos in the text, the folding of the book is not a trick, it works, and the pictures are printed in the best possible way." Juha Haataja, Valopolku, 7.9.2011

You can find the full review here

Maiseman aika - Sense of time & Laadun taika

Photobook of the dissertation, 144 pp., and the text part of the dissertation, 158 pp.

Aalto University's Doctoral Education Council awarded, at its meeting on March 15, 2016, an approved grade to Pekka Luukkola's doctoral thesis, which consisted of the books Maiseman aika - Sense of time & Laadun taika ("The magic of quality"), as well as three exhibitions prepared by him (Tampere Art Museum, Art Center Retretti and Galleria heino).

Sense of time -videowork

First performance: Tampere Art Museum, 2012

”"I saw Luukkola's first moving image work, and everything seemed to hit my soul. Here is a technically demanding performance that shows one night of the nocturnal forest, how the sky rotates during it, how the night falls on us, how the day burns the night away. This is felt up to the chest and is one of the most breathtaking art experiences of recent times. This spectacle is beautiful.” (Editor-in-chief Pessi Rautio, Art magazine "Taide" 5/2012)